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Power raking is usually done before aeration takes place. Power raking your lawn will cause your grass to breathe better by pulling up all the dead thatch left from a year's-worth of mowing. This also allows for better water and oxygen absorption for your grass roots. If you plan on having your lawn aerated we would recommend having it power raked first.



Ever wondered how groundskeepers keep the golf course grass so healthy and lush? One of their secrets is aeration. Aerating does several things that are beneficial to your grass.It improves drainage, opens up existing thatch, and improves the environment.
Lockharts Lawn Mowing Omaha

Microorganisms naturally break down all that dead grass from mowing. This combined effort allows water and oxygen to reach the grass roots, relieves soil compaction, and greatly improves the root system, providing a deep greener looking lawn. Highly recommended in early spring and fall.

Mowing Services

We provide mowing for the surrounding area. We mow at 3"-3.5" inches in the spring and will lower it as fall comes around.  Lockhart's  provides professional striping in your yard at a lower cost.

Weekly or bi-weekly scheduled accounts welcomed!


Shrub/Tree Trimming


We trim/prune your trees, bushes, and shrubs or hedges.Professionally pruned trees will enhance the beauty of your property, while improving the shape and beauty of your trees for years to come.


Discount Program

We depend on satisfied customers to spread the word to their neighbors, co-workers and friends. And when they do, we want to reward and thank them. Our Referral Discount is easy and will save you and our new customers valuable dollars on your lawn care needs. When they start a new lawn care program with us, both you and our new customer will receive a credit towards each account. It's that simple!


*In order to receive your discount, the people you refer must mention your name.

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